• How To Make Money

    How To Make Money

    Money is an essential aspect of everyone's life. Everyone wants money for their needs. To make money we need to do various jobs at least from 4 to 8 hours or may be more than this and in some of the cases the salary we got from there is less  than our requirements. But for some students or bachelors it is not easy for them to make money like this. 

    So what should we do at these situation ? how can we make money easily and without wasting much time?

    One solution to this problem is online earning. There are various method to earn online. Here I am providing you a list of some handsome jobs and their platforms from where you can earn easily by doing their jobs.

    Online Teaching

    If you think that you can teach someone then Online Teaching is one of the best job for you.There are lots of online platforms which are paying a handsome amount to their Tutor/Instructors.

    Here I am providing you a list of some famous platforms.

    1.  Udemy

    Udemy is one of the most popular platform  for teaching online by making courses. Udemy provides students for your courses. It is totally free and just charges 50% of  the revenue that you earn from each students. In some of the cases you also get the 97% of the revenue. Once your course become famous on Udemy then you can get an avg. of 100$ per month.

    2. Teachable

    Teachable is one another famous platform for online teaching. The main difference in Teachable and   Udemy is that Udemy provides students for your course(s) and that is why it charges normally 50% for that and in Teachable it does not provides you students. you need to do self - promotion for your School and courses.

    3.  Skillshare

    Skillshare is an online learning community with thousands of classes in design, business, tech, and more. You can join Skillshare as a teacher and can make your own class for free.

    It also has its premium feature in which you need to pay according to their plans.

    Online working

    1.  Upwork

    Upwork is one of the most Popular platform for some post paid jobs. In this one just need to make an Upwork account and find work according to his/her profession. If the client select your account then you need to complete his/her work within the given interval of time. after this If the client likes your work then he/she will pay you the amount of money which was provided in the proposal. Generally , in Upwork Clients pay a good amount of money Upworker like an avg. of 30$ - 300$ (It is an avg. amount.)

    2.  Freelancer

    Freelancer is one another most famous platform for some online post paid jobs. It works similar to Upwork. In this you just need to  
    have a freelancer account. 

    Online survey

    Online Survey is one another option to earn money. You just need to take part in surveys and you need to complete them in the provided time limit. And with this they provide you your earning according to your performance.

    Here is a list of some platforms of Online Surveys.

    2.   Toluna

    3.    Inboxdollars

    4.    Swagbucks

    5.    PaidViewPoint
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