• How To Start A Blog

    Making Money As A Blogger

    how to start a blog

    How to Start as a Blogger ???

    Blogger is a Blog Publishing Service where You can write your own Blog ( select a topic in which you are interested). To write your blog you just need to have a Google Account Click here to sign in to Blogger

    How To Earn From Your Blog ????

    Earn By Showing Advertisement on your Blog.

    Once You've created your own blog then you can show advertisements on your blog. There are several advertisement showing companies on internet which shows advertisements on your blog and pay you for showing ads. 


    At this time Adsense ,  is the most famous advertisement showing program by Google.
    Now a days it is hard to get approved from adsense  but 
    To get approval from Adsense you need to have a blog with a generic Domain(.com .org .net etc.) and with a genuine and fresh content ( not a copy write ). That is all you need to have to get approval from Adsense. Click here to sign in to Adsense


    Media.net is also an ads showing program tied up with the Yahoo! Bing Network to enable publishers to increase advertising revenue. Click here to sign in to Media.Net

    Earn By Affiliate Marketing

    Affiliate marketing is another way to earn money from your blog. For this you just need to have an affiliate account. Here I am talking about amazon affiliate program to earn money. Once you have created your affiliate account then you can choose the links of the products that you want to show on your blog.when the users will click on the banner of the product or they will buy it then you will get paid.
    click here to join Amazon Affiliate
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