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Friday, March 22, 2019

Sell Domain

Sell Domain To Make Money Online

How to sell domain

Domain Selling is now a days is one of the most popular and worth full way to earn money. It is just a game of keywords. If you want to become a successful domain trader, then you just need to be aware with this business world and you have to do research on trending topics or mostly searched keywords on google. There is no rocket science in selling a domain.
Once you bought the domain by following all the strategies that I have discussed below then you need to sell it. if you want to know how to sell a domain with a good price then you have to read this full article.

How to Choose a perfect Domain Name?

There are most of the cases when we search for a domain and we come to know that it is already owned by someone else. But don't worry there are several other alternates to this.
Before you buy a domain, you should do a proper keyword research because It increases the chance of ranking on Google and thus a high chance for your domain to sell to others.
There are several keyword tools available online. For some of them you have to pay money to use. Google offers keyword planner tool which is absolutely free to use for the beginning.

Where to Buy a Domain?

Now a days, there are various domain registrar from where you can buy a domain but I'll recommend you to buy the domain from these most popular and reputed websites.

1. GoDaddy

sell domain

Godaddy is by far the biggest domain registrar. They're extremely helpful and quick to response. You can buy your first domain from here at a very low prize around 8-9 $ for one year. Godaddy provides Auction feature where you can sell your Domain also. For any query you can visit the site. 

2. NameCheap

sell domain

NameCheap is one of the fastest growing American domain and hosting registrar Company that offers you full selection of popular and unique domains along with fully featured web hosting package. You can buy a domain from here at a price of around 8.88$ - 10.12$. 

3. Google Domains

Google Domains is a domain registration service powered by Google in the year of 2015. You can buy a domain at 12$ for one year from here. Visit the site for more information.

Where To sell your Domain?

There are various methods to sell a domain. Here I am listing my three ways that I use to sell domain.

The First method is to sell domain is: Auction

Now almost every Sites provide auction feature to sell domain. Before selling your domain, you need to have auction membership. For this you need to pay some money as fees.
You can sell your domain on GoDaddy using Auction feature. go daddy provides auction membership at 4.99 $ for one year.


Flippa is one another option where you can buy or sell domains, websites and apps. In Flippa you have to pay around 29 $ to sell your domain. The best thing on Flippa is that you can also sell your website or apps at a very good price.
Here I have listed two more sites where you can sell your domain.

Sedo it’s another option for you after GoDaddy and flippa to sell your domain.

Afternic is also similar to Sedo. This is one other option for you to sell your domain. All the websites that I have discussed above are reliable and it would be easy for you sell your domain on the above websites.

Second one is using Forums

Forums are really helpful not only to sell domains but also to check what is working or not.
forums that I recommend of using are namePros DNForum.com and DomainStateSo, forums are good option to sell a domain or to talk to someone or negotiate to someone about domain name to sell your domain.

And the Third one is using Business Contacts

This one is very rarely used and efficient way to sell your domain. The thing you required is a domain (of generic extension). Once you bought a good domain, search for the people, small business who need your domain by searching on google. You can contact them through email or contact number and ask them to if they require your domain.